Thank-you for your support

Our campaign to raise money through Indiegogo ended this weekend.  Thanks to people across PEI (and even two people NOT on PEI), our initiative was a success, not only for the fact that we raised over $12,000 to buy a new herd of cattle, but the use of crowd funding for farming.

Many thanks to Rob Paterson for his on-going support and initiative with the campaign, as well as all of those who helped to share our efforts through social media (or in real life).

All of you can look forward to, if you wish, hearing and reading about the progress of the herd, as well as all of our efforts on Springwillow Farms, by signing up to receive an email for when we do our weekly posts. ¬†These will include pictures of the animals, possibly some videos, little blurbs regarding our crops and “life on the farm” in general.

Very best to you and your family from ours, the Loos.